Ground Floor Lab: Online Foundational Training

Event Date: 16/07/2021 – 21/07/2021

Event Time: 9am – 5pm each day

The Ground Floor Lab is the starting point for anyone who wants to teach Open Floor movement practice or gain tools for your personal of professional practice.


What will I learn?

  • The key concepts and foundational principles of Open Floor movement practice.
  • An understanding of how the body moves and shapes our experience of life from an embodied perspective.
  • With an experiential session dedicated to each of ten Open Floor Movement Resources, you will practice moving with intention and self awareness and understand how to call on these resources to build resilience, flexibility and ease both on and off the dance floor.
  • A taste of how we move on the Open Floor through the Four Dimensions of Embodiment (the body, the mind, the heart and the soul) and the Four Relational Hungers (solitude, connection, belonging and spirit)
  • Each movement session includes a look ‘behind the scenes’ from a professional perspective for an understanding of the intention, structure and purpose of each experience.
  • An overview of the philosophy and core values that inform the Open Floor teachings. This includes Dynamic Governance, our non-hierarchical, transparent organizational structure.
  • You’ll have ample opportunity to ask the teachers questions and to make connections with your peers.
  • For those wishing to take the Open Floor training path further, this foundational training fills the requirement for acceptance.

Is the Ground Floor Lab for you?

Our Ground Floor Labs attract people from a wide range of backgrounds interested in expanding their skills and knowledge of embodiment and mindful movement for both personal and professional reasons. This training is particularly suited to:

  • Dedicated, long-term movers interested in knowing more about Open Floor movement practice and how it works
  • Coaches, trainers or teachers of an embodiment, movement or conscious dance practice looking for inspiration and new skills
  • Professionals in social care, health, mind-body therapies, education, and first response services, who want to integrate embodiment and mindful movement into their work
  • Mental health professionals who already work with an embodied approach, or want to do so and are interested in the Open Floor Therapy in Motion training
  • Anyone considering the Open Floor Advanced Training

A Ground Floor Lab is an excellent opportunity to experience and explore the Open Floor approach and decide if it is for you. It is also designed in a way that allows already existing practitioners of many areas of the therapeutic and embodied spaces to integrate Open Floor priniciples into their practice. Attending a Ground Floor Lab is a prerequisite for the Open Floor Teacher Training.