About Us

We bring the wisdom of the world’s embodied and somatic practices together, intersecting deep thinking and embodied learning to restore goodness to ourselves and the world

We are a team of passionate highly-trained professionals committed to restoring goodness to the world through psychotherapy, somatic-practice and movement-based therapies.

Our Story

We provide a safe and nurturing environment to all of our psychotherapeutic and embodied practices. All of our practitioners, workshops and trainings include leading edge research in the field of science, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, creative arts, somatic-oriented practice and movment-based therapies, to support healing, change and growth.

Our deepest wish is to live in a world of compassion, care, and inclusivity that reaches beyond the human and into the world.

Our Team

Jake Potter

Founding Director | Psychotherapist

Jake Potter is the Founding Director of ACEP, practicing Psychotherapist and host of the Embodied Mind Podcast. He is the Award Winner of the Dr Rafael Locke Award for Clinical & Academic Excellence in the practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Ikon Institute. Jake has recieved a BA of Counselling & Psychotherapy, is a Certified Open Floor Movement Teacher, Working Member of Open Floor International and Co-Founder of Common Roots; a Melbourne-based organisation uniting and empowering people through movement and dance. Jake has had an extensive teaching career which began as a Resident Teacher at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and has taught across Australia and the United States.

Jake understands that you are a whole person and using only one psychotherapeutic approach is going to be limiting for you, thus he implements an integrative approach to support change and growth. Jake provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to grow inner resources to fully embrace the challenges of life and strongly believes in each person’s innate capacity to heal, grow, and change.

Hannah Engel

Art Psychotherapist

Hannah holds a B.A in Art Psychotherapy and is a Certified Trauma-informed Yoga Instructor. She uses many modalities within the therapeutic container, including talk therapy, visualisation, creative arts, dramatherapy, and somatic practices. Hannah works individually with each client to facilitate them in integrating the psyche and gaining connection to their inner nature.

Psychotherapy with Hannah involves exploration of the self in a safe and gentle way, grounded in the healing potential of relationship and creative expression. Hannah deeply believes in the healing aspects of art psychotherapy and what it means to truly live in the body.

Sophia Robinson


Sophia is a counselling psychotherapist who is presently completing a Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy. Sophia works with people seeking support for a range of concerns including stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relational difficulties (including attachment repair), sexual identity and gender, personality disorders, grief and trauma.

Using a range of evidence-based approaches, Sophia works collaboratively with a person-centred focus to accommodate individual needs. Sophia hopes to create a safe and supportive environment for clients to engage in meaningful personal exploration. Working with an awareness of both mind and body, Sophia believes strongly in the client’s innate capacity to create lasting personal change.

Regenerative Business

ACEP is ethically run. We use recycled and ethically sourced materials and contribute back to the earth through our carbon emissions fund in which we donate 1% of our profits to Carbon Positive Australia and are always looking for new ways to be sustainable.

Our Values


We are committed to holding compassion through open-hearted and embodied action for humans and for the world.


We are committed to lifelong learning as individuals and as an organisation to offer best practice for our students and clients.


We are committed to practicing respect, honesty, trustworthiness, transparency and confidentiality.


We embrace and encourage diverse perspectives, cultural backgrounds, gender orientations, and all human flavours. We are committed to providing our services to all socio-economic levels so please contact us to see how we can help.