Seeing you heal, grow, and flourish is at the heart of our practice.

An Integrative approach to healing the mind

We bring the wisdom of the world’s embodied and somatic practices together, intersecting deep thinking and embodied learning to restore goodness to ourselves and the world.

We are dedicated to the practice and training of Psychotherapy, Somatic-oriented Practices and Movement-based Therapies.

We are here for you

-Our therapists offer high quality, effective, integrative psychotherapy & art psychotherapy. We understand that you are unique, so we will work with you to create an individualised and personal treatment plan that is bespoke to your needs.

We understand that this is a trying time, if finances are tough, please contact us to find out how we can help.

We are currently offering tele-health and  in-person sessions at our practice at the Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne.

Our Values


We are committed to holding compassion through open-hearted and embodied action for humans and for the world.


We are committed to lifelong learning as individuals and as an organisation to offer best practice for our students and clients.


We are committed to practicing respect, honesty, trustworthiness, transparency and confidentiality.


We embrace and encourage diverse perspectives, cultural backgrounds, gender orientations, and all human flavours. We are committed to providing our services to all socio-economic levels so please contact us to see how we can help.

Education & Training

We offer leading-edge training and courses for embodied psychotherapies, somatic-oriented practices and movement-based therapies for practicing clinicians and students. 

What people are saying…

“I had the pleasure of seeing Jake and I can highly recommend him. He shared a wealth of knowledge as well as deep compassion and understanding. I’m so glad that somewhere like ACEP exists and can help navigate any terrain of the mind.”

– Jo

“The kindness, gentleness, acceptance, joy, and intention with which Jake guided the group is an inspiration to me as a person and a facilitator.”

– Naomi, Psychologist

“My experience with ACEP reminded me of the value of trained, professional, and compassionate staff dedicated to their cause. My case was met with empathy and I was able to resolve areas of my life which had emotional blockages. I would highly recommend ACEP to anyone seeking liberation from mental or emotional limitations.”

– Andrea